This machine is developed to get flat and parallel finish on the sample for high precision spectro-analysis.The blower casing and the dust collector are made integral with the main body which makes the machine compact and aesthetically superior. The rotating disc is dynamically balanced and mounted directly on the motor shaft instead of using belt, this ensures a uniform and noiseless operation.The efficient 'suction system consists of 1 HP blower motor which holds the polisher paper uniformly against .the perforated disc.A specially Designned disc rotation break system has also been incorporated to ensure immediate stopping.

Main Motor : 2 H.P ,2800 R.P.M :440 /460 VOLT 3 Phase AC Suppiy.

Air Gripping Motor : 1H.P 2800 R.P.M :440 /460 VOLT 3 Phase AC Suppiy.

Starters :L & T make Puch botton Type For Main And Air Gripping Motor.
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