Carbon & Shulpher Appartus
Carbon sulphur apparatus is used to detect percentage of Carbon and sulphur in iron and steel. The scale of apparatus burette is directly calibrated in terms of carbon percentage. The apparatus can detect carbon percentage up to 4.5%. By using interchangeable burettes, the measurement can be taken to 0.25%, 0.5%, 1.5% and 4.5%. Th apparatus furnace attains required temperature rapidly and a high accuracy digital pyrometer indicates the furnace temperature. The equipment can detect carbon.Optimizing the advanced technology, we offer a wide assortment of Metallurgical Lab testing Equipment, that are manufactured using top grade raw material. These testing equipment cater to the requirements of various laboratories, research institutes and many others. Our equipment are highly demanded throughout the world owing to their salient features such as high efficiency, easy operation and less maintenance.
The Following Accessories Are Supplied Free Of Cost With The Carbon & Sulpher Appartus :
1 Carbon Burette
2 UTube for Oxygen
3 Absorption Vessle for Co2
4 Combustion Tube
5 Combustion Boats
6 Two  way stop cock
7 Three  way stop cock
8 Oxygen Gas Bubble
9 Silicon Carbide Rods,
10 Clamps for S.C. Rods
11 Chart for getting Carbon factor
12 Pressure Rubber Tubing,
13 Muffle Tube for Combustion Furnace
14 Control Unit (Transfor
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